Rhythms of Life - Find out about our services
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Food Distribution

We believe that no rough sleepers should go to sleep hungry in the United Kingdom.

Our partners provide 95% of our food parcels. Polly Rusyn.

Rhythms of Life has fed over 300,000 meals to rough sleepers in our eight year history.


Last year alone, we supplied over 30,000 meals to the homeless in Hackney and Central London.


We promote food sustainability by taking surplus food from our partners and creating food parcels, which we serve to the homeless every night.


 We also distribute warm clothing, hygiene supplies and refer rough sleepers to our partner charities.

A volunteer prepares food for distribution. Polly Rusyn.

“In just over two years, the Community Cafe served approximately 68,500 meals to Hackney’s homeless population.”

Serving tea to a rough sleeper. Polly Rusyn.
Community Cafe

In 2016 we closed the doors and sadly said goodbye to our Community Cafe, in Hackney.


In just over two years, the Cafe served approximately 68,500 meals to Hackney’s homeless population, and offered a warm, safe place to socialise and meet new people.


Unfortunately, we had to vacate the premises due to a change in ownership and we are working hard to find a new permanent base to support our services.

We believe rough sleepers have the potential to rebuild their lives and escape homelessness.

Rehabilitative Classes

We offer free weekly classes to rough sleepers in literacy, numeracy, employability skills and art.


We are grateful to Peter Hall and William Grill, who give up their time to give our service users dignity and autonomy in their lives.

Peter is a retired barrister and psychotherapist, and leads our literacy and numeracy classes.


William is an award winning illustrator, best known for his book “Shackleton’s Journey”, and leads our art classes. 

Volunteers protesting the cafe's closure.